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Ringstrasse150 – Working Page

This page is being used to test ideas for presenting best practices information and mapping techniques for the Ringstrasse150 project. It’s a work in process!

Please contact us with ideas or if you’d like more information about the project.

Best Practices

This section presents information and resources on sustainable street design. It’s a huge topic and this is a work in progress. The focus is on ideas that can be applied on Vienna’s Ringstrasse.


Ringstrasse Cross Sections

A “Cross Section” is a view of something made by cutting through it. In our case it’s the view you would have if you stood in the middle of the Ringstrasse and looked down the street.

Below is a typical cross section for the Ringstrasse (Stubenring, a section with shared pedestrian / bike paths) developed with the Streetmix application.

You can create your own cross-sections to test out your ideas. Use Vienna’s city map to obtain dimensions (use the ruler tool) and input them to Streetmix. Have fun!


Stubenring cross section created using Streetmix.


Best Practice Examples from Vienna

Please send ideas and suggestions for this page!

Parkring – Separate Bike Path

Separate bike path created on Parkring by removing a parking lane.
Separate bike path created on Parkring by removing a parking lane.

On the Parkring there is an excellent example of a separated bike path that was created by removing one lane of parking. This is a solution that could be applied in several sections of the Ringstrasse.

This solution separates pedestrians and bicyclists increasing safety and making it more comfortable for walking and biking.


A WP Comment Based Approach

TrafficRouteThese pages allow you to suggest and comment on ideas for making the Ringstrasse safer and more attractive for pedestrians and bicyclists. Click on the list of Ringstrasse sections below to see ideas and add your comments (this is a prototype site and therefore Opernring is only section currently available):

  • Stuben -ring
  • Park -ring
  • Schubert -ring
  • Kärntner Ring
  • Opern -ring
  • Burg -ring
  • Dr. Karl Renner -ring
  • Universitäts -ring
  • Schotten – ring

Click on the link to add your ideas and suggestions.

Opernring Improvement Ideas


Opernring (source: – red lines show bike routes (note: bike route on west section is incorrect).

The Ringstrasse 150 project seeks to identify good ideas for making Vienna’s Ringstrasse the world’s most sustainable boulevard. We want to make it safer and more attractive for pedestrians, bicyclists, public transport passengers and people in motor vehicles.

Use this page to comment and suggest ideas for the Opernring section of the Ringstrasse.


Add your comments and ideas for the Opernring section of the Ringstrasse on this page.

Comment on the alternatives presented below and suggest your own alternatives.

Use the best practices page to learn more about sustainable transport design and help develop your ideas.

Contact us with ideas or questions.



  • Learn sustainable road design.
  • Act – activities and calendar.
  • Suggest – ideas for the Ringstrasse.


Alternative 1: Opernring Direct

  • Replace parking on outside lane of inner ring road with bike path (see Learn for an example on the Parkring).
  • Make front of Goethe statue pedestrian & bike zone.
  • Change combined pedestrian/bike path on Ringstrasse to pedestrian only.
  • Connect new bike path directly to existing bikepath on north side.

Diagram: red = motor vehicles, blue = pedestrian only; green = bike only.

Source: Doug Culnane:




Alternative 2: Opera Piazza

  • Add pedestrian zone in front of Staatsoper.
  • Add sidewalk cafe.
  • Move tourbuses to back of Staatsoper.

The bike path could be made more direct and pedestrians would be free to admire one of Vienna’s most beautiful buildings in safety.


Staatsoper tour bus street, December 2014.
Wouldn’t this be a nice place for a cafe? Staatsoper tour bus street, December 2014.

Alternative 3: Your Idea Here!

Send us your idea. We’ll post the big ideas in this space.

Or … simply add your ideas in the comments below.

And … let us know what you think about the posted alternatives in the comments.


Opernring in January showing combined bike and ped path with parked cars on inner ring road.
Opernring – The bikepath in Alternative 1 would replace the parked cars (lane with red car on right) the existing path would be changed to pedestrians only.


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