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Complementary Measures

Public transport works best when it’s part of a well-integrated sustainable transportation network. Complementary measures help make public transport more attractive to customers and can make public transport more efficient to operate as well.

There are four main types of complementary measures:

  1. Traffic calming and livable streets;
  2. Bicycle paths and public bicycle systems;
  3. Parking management;
  4. Pricing strategies.

It’s fairly clear that if you can’t walk to the bus stop, you can’t take the bus. But the relationship to other measures like parking management are less obvious. In the sections below we outline how complementary measures can help improve public transport. More information is available in the Best Practices wiki.

1. Traffic Calming and Livable Streets


2. Bicycle Routes and Public Bicycle Systems


3. Parking Management


4. Pricing Strategies



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