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Creative Transport Sensors

Many people and organisations are developing sensors or applications that use the sensors in smart phones to collect transport data. This page presents examples of these sensors.
Contact us if you have more examples to add.

Examples of Creative Transport Sensors

Street Bump

The City of Boston’s Street Bump application uses the accelerometer in your smart phone to report potholes to the city streets repair department.


Hövding, the Swedish company that created the first airbag for urban cyclists, has developed the Give-a-Beep application that uses the Flic control device to send a message to the Mayor of London whenever a bike rider presses the Flic. Riders are asked to press the Flic whenever they feel like they are in an unsafe situation. The messages are geo-coded so the unsafe locations can be highlighted on the Give-a-Beep map. It’s a great idea for identifying places to improve bicycle facilities. HT Brandon G. Donnelly.

Photo: Scooters and bikes on Burgasse Vienna

Scooters and bikes on Burgasse Vienna

Your Example Here?

Contact us if you know of any creative uses of sensors for transport.

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