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Crowdfunded Transport Projects

Crowdfunding is using the internet to collect funds for a project. Crowdfunding has been used for many transport projects and although it’s probably not possible to crowdfund a light rail line, it’s certainly possible to fund smaller projects like bus shelters or even bike lanes. This page presents examples of crowdsourced sustainable transport projects.

Remember: crowdfunding is not just about the money – it’s about building a community of support. For Denver’s bike lane (below), crowdfunding provided a portion of the funding, most of the money was provided by others based on the community support shown by the crowdfunding project.

Examples of Crowdfunded Transport Projects

ioby Transit Center Trick Out My Trip Report

Trick Out My Trip

ioby and Transit Center sponsored a project to crowdfund projects around public transport stops. Many of the projects were multimodal and all were supported by their communities. Transit Center provided matching funding for the projects. Here’s the report: Trick Out My Trip 2016!

Screenshot: crowdsourced sustainable transport projects Kickstarter love shack bus shelter

Love Shack Kickstarter project to build a bus shelter in Athens GA.

Love Shack Bus Shelter

The Love Shack bus shelter project is an early example of a transport project funded in Kickstarter in Athens, Georgia. Kickstarter screenshot illustrated at the right.

Flowers & Such: Boston Bike Lanes

Jonathan is an architect and bike rider working to increase safety of pedestrians and cyclists. He has a crowdfunding project called Flowers & Such: Boston Bike Lanes on GoFundMe. So far he’s raised about $7,000 for flowers and cones to create interventions on the Mass Ave corridor, the most dangerous stretch of road in Boston.

Screenshot: crowdsourced sustainable transport projects Boston MBTA Crowdfunding proposal on GoFundMe in 2015

Boston MBTA 2015 crowdfunding proposal on GoFundMe

MBTA – Boston Transport System

An important reason for this project was to call attention to the huge amount of money needed to rehabilitate and improve Boston’s public transport network.

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